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Ncuti Gatwa
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So Bridgerton
So Bridgerton
 The Doctor and Ruby land in 1813, where guests at a duchess’s party are being murdered and a mysterious bounty hunter called Rogue is about to change The Doctor’s life forever.

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General Information

Season: Forty One (New Series 14)
Production Code: 14-6
Story Number: 310 (New Series: 154)
Episode Number:881 (New Series: 185)
Number of Episodes: 1
Percentage of Episodes Held:100%
Working Titles:"Regency"
Production Dates: May 2023
Broadcast Date: 08 June 2024
Colour Status: HD Colour
Studio: Wolf Studios (Cardiff, Wales)
Location: Tredegar House, Newport, Wales and the Margam Country Park Orangery
Writers:Briony Redman and Kate Herron
Director:Ben Chessell
Series Producer:Vicki Delow
Producer:Chris May
Executive Producers:Jane Tranter, Joel Collins, Julie Gardner, Phil Collinson and Russell T Davies
Production Executive for BBC Studios:John Hamer
Executive Producer for the BBC:Rebecca Ferguson
Commissioning Editor for the BBC:Lindsay Salt
Co-Producer:Ellen Marsh
Script Supervisor:Nicki Coles
Script Editors:Scott Handcock and Rosheed Bello (Assistant)
Editors:Chris Roebuck BFE, Emily Lawrence (Assistant), Joseph Keirle (Assistant) and Matt Nathan (VFX)
Colourist:Gareth Spensley
Production Executive:Steffan Morris
Junior Production Executive:Charlotte Cox
Production Manager:Adrian Devane
Production Assistant:Juanee Scott
Post Production Producer:Ceres Doyle
Post Production Supervisor:Liv Duffin
Location Managers:Baljinder Sidhu, Alex Moore (Assistant) and Shuaib Said (Assistant)
Supervising Location Manager:Iwan Roberts
Studio Manager:Richard Balshaw
Unit Manager:Kyle Yates
Production Designer:Phil Sims
Director of Production:Emily Russell
Director of Photography:Jamie Cairney BSC
Casting Director:Andy Pryor CDG/CSA
Online Editor:Christine Kelly
Line Producer:Mark Devlin
Costume Designer:Pam Downe
Hair & Make-Up Designer:Claire Williams
Cameramen:Martin Stephens (Operator), Andrea Jovanovska (Trainee), Chai Lee Tan (Trainee) and Kudzai Dzokamushure (Trainee)
Construction:4Wood TV & Film
Visual Effects:Windmill Lane
VFX Producer:Will Cohen
VFX Supervisors:Fred Burdy and Sean Varney
Additional VFX:BBC Wales Graphics
Special Effects:Real SFX
Creature Design:Millennium FX
Creature FX:Millennium FX
Stunt Co-ordinators:Andy Godbold and Derek Lea
Stunt Performers:Jessica Barfoot, Richard Townsend and Stevie Parker
Dancers:Andrew Ashton, Bex Leung, Charlotte Bazeley, Chloe Gatwood, Christopher Jeffers, Ciro Meulens, Emmanual Kome, Honor Roche, Jack William Parry, James Davies-Williams, Jamie Body, Jenny Wickham, Katie Webb, Lana Williams, Nicole Alphonce, Oliver Wheeler, Pia Driver, Roseanna Bell, Stan West, Tia Anderson and Trezel Sergeant
Choreographers:Jack Murphey and Sean Moon (Assistant)
Incidental Music:Murray Gold
Sound Recordist:Alex Thompson
Re-recording Mixer:Paul McFadden
Music Conducted By:Alastair King
Music Performed By:BBC National Orchestra of Wales
Music Supervisors:Ollie White and Marnie Davidge (Assistant)
Title Sequence:Painting Practice & Realtime Visualisation
Title Music:Ron Grainer and the BBC Radiophonic Workshop. Arranged by Murray Gold
Number of Doctors: 1
The Doctor: Ncuti Gatwa (The Fifteenth Doctor)
Number of Companions: 1The Companion: Millie Gibson (Ruby Sunday) Guest Cast: Jonathan Groff (Rogue) Additional Cast: Paul Forman (Lord Barton), Maxim Ays (Lord Galpin), Indira Varma (Duchess of Pemberton), Camilla Aiko (Emily Beckett), Debra Baker (Housekeeper), Ashley Campbell (Butler), Nancy Brabin-Platt (Miss Talbot), Michelle Greenidge (Carla Sunday), David Charles (Mr Price)Setting: Bath, England (1813) Villain:Chuldur Family

The Episodes

No. Episodes Broadcast
Duration Viewers
In Archive
881Rogue08 June 202444'51"3.5Yes

Total Duration 45 Minutes

Audience Appreciation

Average Viewers (Millions) 3.5


 This story exists and is held in the BBC's Film and Videotape Library.

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This story was written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman, and directed by Ben Chessell.

In this story the Fifteenth Doctor (Ncuti Gatwa) and his companion, Ruby Sunday (Millie Gibson) travel to 1813 where they meet a mysterious bounty hunter named Rogue (played by Jonathan Groff) who is trying to hunt and kill a criminal member of the shape-shifting Chuldur species.

Kate Herron and Bryony Redman, are brand new writers to the show - making it the second story of this season not written by Russell T Davies. They are the only other writers contributing to Season Forty One (New Series 14), aside from showrunner Russell T Davies and former showrunner Steven Moffat. This makes "Rogue" the first story, since the 2020 Thirteenth Doctor story "The Haunting of Villa Diodati", to be entirely written by someone who has not been either a current or former Doctor Who showrunner.

Though not appearing physically in this story, actress Susan Twist still makes an appearance when her likeness is used in the form of a portrait, of the Duke's late mother, that Ruby sees hanging on a wall - so continuing the ongoing mystery behind the seemingly disparate characters Susan Twist has played during this season. The Doctor and Ruby have noted this pattern occurring, as seen in "The Devil's Chord", "Boom", "Dot and Bubble" and by Ruby's alternate self from another timeline in "73 Yards".

Jonathan Groff has revealed that he has never seen Doctor Who before and was sent five episodes by Russell T Davies including the very first story, the 1963 First Doctor story "An Unearthly Child", before filming began.

Indira Varma played a character named The Duchess. Indira Varma had previously played the part of Suzie Costello in the Doctor Who spin-off series, Torchwood. Paul Forman guest stars as Lord Barton.

The remainder of the guest cast included Michelle Greenidge appearing as Ruby's mother Carla and Ashley Campbell as a butler.

"Rogue" shares similar themes to the period drama Bridgerton in terms of production design, costumes, music, and choreography. It has also been compared to Pride and Prejudice.

Bridgerton is directly referred to during this story. Russell T Davies has stated that he and Bridgerton's executive producer Shonda Rhimes are fans of each other. He further explained that there was an episode of Grey's Anatomy (a television series created by Shonda Rhimes) where Doctor Who fans fight over his autograph in an emergency room. Russell T Davies said that he viewed this Bridgerton-themed story as ‘repaying the compliment’.

Executive Producer Phil Collinson hired Jack Murphy as the story’s choreographer after finding out he had worked on Bridgerton.

Costume designer Pam Downe had recently worked on a regency-era film and aimed to dress the cast in a wider variety of colours than typically done for the genre. She took a mix of inspiration from her own paintings, Bridgerton, and more modern outfits. Ncuti Gatwa wears white trousers with a velvet jacket. Pam Downe viewed Ncuti Gatwa’s jacket as an acknowledgement to the outfits of the previous incarnations of The Doctor, particularly that of Jon Pertwee's Third Doctor. Jonathan Groff’s outfit included a navy blue tailcoat.

"Rogue" was filmed in May 2023 and was recorded in the fourth filming block along with the second story, "The Devil's Chord". Filming locations in Wales, included Tredegar House in Newport (that served as the Pemberton mansion) and the Margam Country Park Orangery (for the grounds of the mansion). The Margam County Park was previously used in the 2008 Tenth Doctor story "The Sontaran Stratagem/The Poison Sky".

80% of Rogue's spaceship was recycled from previous sets including "Wild Blue Yonder" and "Space Babies".

Only one take could be used for the dance between The Doctor and Rogue because eye contact had to be maintained the entire time, limiting the amount of takes that could be edited together.

This story featured orchestral covers of contemporary popular music, a theme also used by Bridgerton, including ‘Bad Guy’ by Billie Eilish and ‘Poker Face’ by Lady Gaga. These were performed by the Vitamin String Quartet. This story also featured excerpts of ‘Can't Get You Out of My Head’ by Kylie Minogue, who guest-starred as Astrid Peth in the 2007 Christmas special "Voyage of the Damned".

Rogue wrongly mistakes The Doctor as the enemy, that he has been paid to kill, because of The Doctor’s alien DNA revealing that as a Time Lord he can change his appearance. The Tenth Doctor was similarly misidentified as a wrong target, because of his alien origin, by The Judoon in the 2007 story "Smith and Jones".

When proving that he is a Time Lord to Rogue, images of The Doctor's prior incarnations appear. These start with the Fourteenth Doctor (as he was his most recent regeneration). Other incarnations shown include the Thirteenth Doctor, the Twelfth Doctor, the Eleventh Doctor, the Tenth Doctor, the Ninth Doctor, the War Doctor (as played by John Hurt), the Eighth Doctor, the Seventh Doctor, the Sixth Doctor, the Fifth Doctor, the Fourth Doctor, the Third Doctor, the Second Doctor, the First Doctor and the Fugitive Doctor (as played by Jo Martin). A version of The Doctor, as portrayed by Richard E Grant in the 2003 webcast "Scream of the Shalka" was visible as well.

Before his appearance in the line-up, showing The Doctor's previous faces after the Fifteenth Doctor is scanned to prove his species, Richard E Grant has portrayed an alternate version of the Ninth Doctor in the 2003 animated story "Scream of the Shalka". This uncredited appearance by Richard E Grant marks the first time that his incarnation of The Doctor has appeared in an onscreen story. Richard E Grant has also appeared in the show as Walter Simeon, in the 2012 Christmas special "The Snowmen", and as a physical form of the Great Intelligence in the Season Thirty Three (New Series 7) finale "The Name of The Doctor". Richard E Grant also portrayed an alternate Tenth Doctor in the 1999 Comic Relief story "The Curse of Fatal Death".

This story features the first instance of a male incarnation of The Doctor actively pursuing a romantic relationship with another male individual, a first in the show's history. The Fifteenth Doctor and Rogue's relationship is much like how his predecessor, the Fourteenth Doctor, commented that Isaac Newton was attractive. This is the third time The Doctor has shown interest in a same-sex romance; the first was the Thirteenth Doctor, who showed attraction towards her travelling companion Yasmin Khan, but did not fulfil this as the Thirteenth Doctor knew she would inevitably regenerate.

The Doctor, when trapped in the Triform, remarks that he is ‘bond, molecular bond’, referencing the character James Bond's catchphrase ‘Bond, James Bond’.

The Doctor knows the game Dungeons & Dragons and Rogue jokes ‘roll for insight’, a reference to the game's ‘insight check’ mechanic.

The Doctor sings part of the song ‘Pure Imagination’ that was originally written for the film Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (that is based on Roald Dahl's novel Charlie and the Chocolate Factory).

The Doctor once more uses his psychic paper, as last seen in "The Church on Ruby Road".

The Doctor refers to himself as a ‘Lord of Time’. The Tenth Doctor once called himself this in the 2006 story "The Girl in the Fireplace".

The Doctor once again rejects the idea of being called ‘Doc’, as seen in "The Time Meddler", "The Five Doctors", "The Twin Dilemma" and "The Ultimate Foe". Although, the Thirteenth Doctor regularly allowed Graham O'Brien to call her that during their adventures, like in "The Ghost Monument", "Kerblam!", "Spyfall" and "The Power of The Doctor".

The Doctor recalls a conversation with Carla Sunday about promising to keep Ruby safe, echoing similar conversations that the Ninth Doctor had with Jackie Tyler about her daughter Rose's safety in the 2005 story "Aliens of London/World War Three".

The Doctor remarks that Ruby is his best friend. He previously said this of Donna Noble in the 2009/2010 story "The End of Time".

Ruby recalls that she met space babies in "Space Babies", that her mother is Carla Sunday and her grandmother is Cherry Sunday - as originally established in "The Church on Ruby Road" and that she has the ability to generate snow, as seen in "Space Babies", "The Devil's Chord" and "Boom".

Rogue is seen grabbing The Doctor's hand and declaring that they run from the Chuldur, leading The Doctor to comment that it is usually he doing that, recalling times he did, such as in "Rose", "Smith and Jones", "Partners in Crime" and "The Doctor's Daughter".

The Doctor kisses Rogue, a man, something the Ninth Doctor did with Captain Jack Harkness in "The Parting of the Ways" and the Eleventh Doctor did to Rory Williams in "Dinosaurs on a Spaceship".

Before broadcast there was a myth that Rogue was to be either a recast Captain Jack Harkness, an incarnation of The Doctor (before the First Doctor) or another Time Lord, potentially The Meddling Monk. None of these were proven to be true. Another myth was that The Duchess was to be revealed as The Rani. This was also proven to be false.

The Chuldur can live up to 600 years. When not disguised they have avian features. They recognise each other by scent, travel in packs, and love cosplay.

Rogue notes that Gallifrey is considered a long-lost world in his time period, recalling remarks made by Captain Jack Harkness, on the matter of its destruction in the Last Great Time War, in the 2005 Ninth Doctor story "Bad Wolf/The Parting of the Ways" and, more recently, its destruction in the 2020 Thirteenth Doctor story "The Timeless Children".

The TARDIS once more makes a mysterious groaning sound, which The Doctor jokes is because it is suffering with indigestion. The Doctor previously thought the groaning sound was because the TARDIS was broken in "Wild Blue Yonder" and "The Devil's Chord".

This story is the second of two historical stories in this season, after "The Devil's Chord". It takes place in Bath, Somerset, and is set in 1813 during the Regency era. This story though does not feature any significant historical figures.

This story was released on the 7th June 2024 on Disney+ and on the 8th June 2024 on BBC One.

This story included a dedication to William Russell, who passed away five days before this story was broadcast. The dedication stated: ‘In Loving Memory of William Russell 1924 - 2024’. William Russell played the original First Doctor companion Ian Chesterton and had been present in the show as recent as the 2022 story "The Power of The Doctor".

The end titles include the caption: ‘Produced with the support of Incentives for the Irish Film Industry provided by the Government of Ireland’.

This story received primarily positive reception from critics, with praise particularly towards Ncuti Gatwa and Jonathan Groff 's performances.

A novelisation of this story written by Kate Herron and Briony Redman is due to be released on the 8th August 2024 in paperback as part of the Target Collection. An audiobook edition, read by Dan Starkey, will be released the same day.

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The Plot

WARNING: May Contain SpoilersHide Text
The Doctor
The Doctor

It is 1813 and a ball is underway at a mansion in Bath, England. Two men are having an evening stroll in the gardens outside. Lord Galpin is angry with Lord Barton, declaring he has tarnished his sister's reputation but Lord Barton only mocks him back, remarking he should challenge him to a duel instead of accusing him. Lord Galpin suddenly stops and remarks that Lord Barton is an exciting man fun of scandal and affairs, remarking he wants to be him. Lord Galpin suddenly grabs Lord Barton, causing electricity to crackle between them. In a flash, Lord Barton's charred body falls to the ground as a corpse while Lord Galpin, who has now transformed into a copy of Lord Barton, leaves the scene.

Back in the ballroom, The Doctor and his travelling companion, Ruby Sunday, dance together among the other guests, both are able to dance in perfect synchronisation with the others thanks to the psychic earrings The Doctor has given her. Once the music ends, the hostess, the Duchess of Pemberton, congratulates them and asks Ruby to come and meet some suitors rather than remain dancing with The Doctor. Ruby follows the Duchess leaving The Doctor, who uses his sonic screwdriver to scan for alien technology. This leads him to notice a well-dressed man brooding on a balcony above the ballroom, observing rather than partaking in the event. The Doctor leaves the ballroom and approaches the man on the balcony and jokes with him about his brooding nature. When asked the man reveals that his name is Rogue. The Doctor asks why Rogue is not partaking in the celebrations and looks as if he is expecting trouble. In response Rogue asks The Doctor to follow him outside. He leaves and The Doctor follows him.

Elsewhere, Ruby is mingling with the Duchess when the copy of Lord Barton returns to the ballroom and begins flirting with Ruby. While initially impressed by his appearance, the man's words irritate Ruby, leading her to dismiss him, shocking the man. Ruby then notices a portrait of an old woman hanging on a wall - the woman in the portrait is identical to the tea lady at EMI Records, Penny Pepper-Bean and others that she and The Doctor have encountered throughout their travels. The Duchess approaches and explains the woman was the mother of the duke whose mansion this once was. The pair then notice Lord Barton trying to flirt with Lady Emily Beckett – who then leave the room together. Ruby chooses to follow them to the library while the Duchess pursues another patron outside. Outside, the Duchess spies one of her housekeepers nearby. Outraged that a woman of such low social standing would dare to be seen near the house during her party, she approaches and lambasts the woman. However, the housekeeper only replies that she hates being a member of her staff and wants to be the Duchess instead. She then grabs the Duchess, lightning flashes, and she is now a copy of the Duchess. Like what happened to Lord Barton earlier, she leaves the corpse of the Duchess in the garden to be discovered by The Doctor and Rogue.

Ruby Sunday
Ruby Sunday

The Doctor soon assesses that she died from an alien intervention, noting that Rogue is unsurprised. Rogue then draws his gun, holding The Doctor at gun point he forces him to march to the outskirts of the garden. He reveals he is being paid to assassinate the Chuldur - a race of shape-shifting bird-like humanoids that is killing guests at the party to become them - and that he believes that The Doctor is that Chuldur. The Doctor tries to convince him otherwise as Rogue reveals his cloaked spaceship, parked a few steps from The Doctor's TARDIS.

Once inside his spaceship, Rogue traps The Doctor inside a triform, intending to incinerate him. Despite The Doctor’s argument that he is not a Chuldur, Rogue's scanner confirms The Doctor is a shapeshifter, so he still intends to kill The Doctor anyway. Thinking fast, The Doctor tosses his psychic paper on the scanner, causing it to reveal his Time Lord biology, by showing his numerous incarnations. This enables The Doctor to prove to Rogue that he is a Time Lord from Gallifrey and not a Chuldur. Realising that The Doctor is telling the truth Rogue lets him go. The Doctor then takes Rogue back to his TARDIS to use its console to reconfigure the triform so it will send the Chuldur to a random but isolated dimension in the universe, rather than kill them. Meanwhile, Rogue admires The Doctor's TARDIS, leading The Doctor to offer to take him traveling - but Rogue refuses stating that he did once travel with someone he cared deeply for, but then lost them during a terrible day. The pair move close to each other until the TARDIS dings - the reconfigured triform is ready.


While this has been happening, Ruby has made friends with Emily, despite having interrupted Emily’s romantic liaison with the copy of Lord Barton in the library. Back in the ballroom, the copy of the Duchess meets with the copy of Lord Barton and they observe the dancers, discussing their plans. The Duchess remarks that she had hoped that a member of royalty would have appeared but she will settle for Ruby Sunday - the woman's personality making her interesting to her. Ruby and Emily, while wandering the corridors in the mansion, encounter a charred corpse. Worried, Ruby remarks they have to find The Doctor. They return to the ballroom where The Doctor deduces, from Ruby's remarks about how very Bridgerton the entire scenario is, that the Chuldur are taking the forms of people to cosplay as them, inspired by the show's drama and the scandals within the era it is loosely based upon. To draw the Chuldur out The Doctor suggests that he and Rogue dance, as that would be seen as ‘scandalous’.

As they dance, everyone in the room notices, the other patrons leaving the dancefloor as the two men dance together. Eventually, The Doctor breaks the dance up by starting an argument with Rogue, the pair soon create a scene resembling two lovers, a scandalous affair and ending in a marriage proposal from Rogue that The Doctor rejects, both running from the room. The entire scene grips the Chuldur's attention, and four of them transform into their natural avian forms and chase the pair outside.

Hiding in the roof space of a horse-drawn carriage, Rogue realises that he has wrongly thought that they only had to catch one Chuldur. Unable to locate The Doctor and Rogue the Chuldur end their pursuit and return to the ball. The Doctor and Rogue deduce that the Chuldur intend to cosplay across the country to London and then wage war against the world by becoming royalty and government leaders. The Doctor adjusts the triform to now contain six people, albeit stretching its power so now they only have one attempt to catch all four Chuldur.

Chuldur Duchess
Chuldur Duchess

Back inside, Ruby finds Emily has fled to the library, seemingly in shock at the Chuldur revealing themselves. Ruby tries to console Emily and chooses to reveal that she has come from the future. But to Ruby’s surprise Emily's is not shocked by this revelation and her demeanour changes as the woman grabs Ruby's hand, revealing that she is a Chuldur too and now she wants to cosplay as Ruby, as lightning flashes.

The rest of the Chuldur, having returned to the ballroom, remain in their alien form when the Chuldur, that was the Duchess, declares that a wedding must occur. Another of the Chuldur grabs a nearby vicar and forcefully kills him and turns into him to cosplay for the wedding. The Doctor and Rogue watch from the balcony above as the Chuldur that was Lord Barton enters from the other side, revealing Ruby by his side. Devastated, The Doctor leaves the balcony, believing Ruby has been killed; he remembers he once promised Carla Sunday he would keep Ruby safe. Embittered, The Doctor arrives in the ballroom and interrupts the cosplay wedding. He then activates the triform around the Chuldur wedding party, trapping them.

But as he is about to vanquish the Chuldur, including the Ruby copy, Ruby reveals that she is the real Ruby - having escaped the copy of Emily by using the psychic earrings to fight off the Chuldur. Ruby then pretended to be a Chuldur to discover what they are up to before The Doctor trapped her in the triform. The Chuldur, that was Emily, appears, her nose broken from where Ruby had hit her with a book. The Chuldur, that was Emily, charges at The Doctor only for Rogue to intervene and force her into the triform trap. Rogue orders The Doctor to press the button and send them away, but The Doctor breaks down as doing so will condemn Ruby to a lingering death, something he is unable to do. Realising The Doctor’s dilemma Rogue moves towards The Doctor and comforts him. However, on doing so, he takes the triform remote control from the distracted Doctor, before leaping onto the triform and pushes Ruby from it - so taking her place. He then presses the button resulting in himself and all five Chuldur disappearing into an unknown alternate dimension. However, just before Rogue disappears, he tells The Doctor to find him.

The following morning, having sent Rogue's spaceship into an orbit around the moon, The Doctor is sitting on some steps in the mansion’s garden. Discovering him there, Ruby suggests that they use the TARDIS to rescue Rogue but The Doctor rebukes her, stating there are endless number of dimensions and so finding Rogue is not possible, especially since he never even revealed his real name. Before they depart in the TARDIS, The Doctor takes out Rogue's ring from his pocket and puts it on his own finger.

Lets Dance
Lets Dance
Rogue Captures The Doctor
Rogue Captures The Doctor
Emily Beckett
Emily Beckett
Scanning The Doctor
Scanning The Doctor
The Proposal
The Proposal
Chuldur Emily
Chuldur Emily
Rogue Saves Ruby
Rogue Saves Ruby
Mourning the Loss of Rogue
Mourning the Loss of Rogue

Quote of the Story

 'You don’t have to stay a bounty hunter, Rogue. You could travel with me. Oh, the worlds I could show you.'

The Doctor

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Release Information

FormatTitleRelease Date (UK)Code NumberCover ArtRemarks
The Complete Fourteenth Series Box SetDue: August 2024Photo-montageDVD boxed set containing 7 stories from New Series 14 along with the 2023 Christmas Special "The Church on Ruby Road"
The Complete Fourteenth Series Box SetDue: August 2024Photo-montageBlu-Ray boxed set containing 7 stories from New Series 14 along with the 2023 Christmas Special "The Church on Ruby Road"
The Complete Fourteenth Series Box Set (Limited Edition Steelbook)Due: August 2024Photo-montageLimited Edition Blu-Ray Steelbook boxed set containing 7 stories from New Series 14 along with the 2023 Christmas Special "The Church on Ruby Road"

In Print

FormatTitleRelease Date (UK)PublisherAuthorCover ArtRemarks
RogueDue: August 2024BBC BooksKate Herron and Briony RedmanDan LilesTarget Collection. ISBN: 978-1-78594-883-1 (Paperback)
RogueDue: August 2024BBC AudioKate Herron and Briony RedmanDan LilesAudio version of the BBC Books Novel read by Dan Starkey.
Doctor Who Magazine - PreviewIssue 604 (Released: June 2024)

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Doctor Who Magazine - Preview: Issue 604
Doctor Who Magazine - Preview: Issue 604

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