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Audio - The Bride of Peladon
The Bride of Peladon
(Barnaby Edwards)

 The first release for 2008 is a Fifth Doctor story with Peri and Erimem called "The Bride of Peladon". It is written and directed by Barnaby Edwards and was recorded on the 26th and 27th July 2007.

 ‘We considered keeping the return of the Ice Warriors secret,’ says Nicholas Briggs, ‘but we thought that was pointless. Peladon! It’s tradition! The Ice Warriors are back! Ssssss.

Fifth Doctor
Fifth Doctor
This story also stars Yasmin Bannerman ("The End of the World") as Princess Pandora, with Jenny Agutter (famous for her roles in The Railway Children) and Phylilda Law as the Queen Mother of Peladon. Also starring are: Christian Coulson, Nicholas Briggs, Jane Goddard, Richard Earl, Philip Childs, Thomas Brodie-Sangster and Writer/Director Barnaby Edwards as a young miner.

A ship is attacked and its crew send out a distress call. Soon after the TARDIS materialises and The Doctor, with his companions Peri and Erimem, rush off to investigate unaware of that they are onboard an Ice Warriors ship. But before The Doctor can do anything the ship is caught in the gravitational pull of a planet forcing The Doctor to navigate the Ice Warriors ship into a crash landing.

When The Doctor comes face-to-face with a familiar creature he realises that they have arrived on Peladon. What he does not realise is that his arrival has already been predicted and that he is in grave danger as The Peladon’s will take action against Offworlders in retaliation for their murder queen believing an Offworlder killed her.

The Doctor is soon to find a less then friendly welcome and has to use all his wits to convince The Peladon’s that he can help them uncover the truth. The Doctor is also going to meet some very old friends – not all of which are pleased that he has returned.

An Ice Warrior

An Ice Warrior

The Royal House of Peladon is once more plunged into intrigue, terror and death. But who is the mysterious voice and what is the truth behind a missing girl and a murdered queen? The Doctor, Peri and Erimem must find their way through a treacherous labyrinth of lies if they are to distinguish friend from foe before it is too late.

Caroline Morris
Caroline Morris
For deep beneath the Citadel of Peladon, something infinitely ancient and immeasurably powerful is stirring...

The Doctor and his companions are not the only Offworlders who have arrived and The Doctor and his companions realise that no one can be trusted – not even an Ice Lord Prince – who at first seems to be friendly - and even Alpha Centauri is not to be trusted at first.

But it is a race of Osirans that The Doctor has to be aware of the most and for one of The Doctors Companions it is the end of her travels in the TARDIS.
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  • Featuring the Fifth Doctor, Peri and Erimem.
  • Serial Number: 6Q/M
  • Number of Episodes: 4
  • Cover Length: 120 minutes
  • Episode Lengths: 1 = 24'31", 2 = 25'37", 3 = 26'31", 4 = 27'36"
  • Total Story Length: 104'15"
  • Also features 26 minutes of trailers and special behind-the-scenes interviews with the cast and producers.
  • This story takes place between "Planet of Fire" and "The Caves of Androzani" and after "The Mind’s Eye".
  • Cover Illustration: Alex Mallinson
  • Recorded: 26th and 27th July 2007
  • Recording Location: Moat Studios
  • Released: January 2008
  • ISBN: 978-1-84435-289-0

On the Back Cover:

'Peladon will bathe in oceans of blood!'

A mysterious voice, a missing girl and a murdered queen. The Royal House of Peladon is once more plunged into intrigue, terror and death. The Doctor, Peri and Erimem must find their way through a treacherous labyrinth of lies if they are to distinguish friend from foe before it is too late.

For deep beneath the Citadel of Peladon, something infinitely ancient and immeasurably powerful is stirring...


On the Inside Cover:

Previously on Peladon

THE CURSE OF PELADON (BBC1: 29 January - 19 February 1972)

The TARDIS lands on the storm swept cliffs beneath the Citadel of Peladon and the Third Doctor and Jo Grant seek refuge therein. In the hustle and bustle attending diplomatic conference on whether Peladon should join the Galactic Federation, The Doctor and Jo are mistaken for the representative of Earth. Their fellow delegates are from Mars, Arcturus and Alpha Centauri. But the advisor King Peladon dies in mysterious circumstances and the High Priest attributes the death to the fabled Curse of Peladon.

THE MONSTER OF PELADON (BBC1: 23 March - 27 April 1974)

It’s 50 years later and Peladon is now ruled by Queen Tholira, daughter of the late King Peladon. The Third Doctor, this time accompanied by Sarah Jane Smith, arrives in the middle of industrial unrest. Workers in the trisilicate mines are being killed by what appears to be the ghost Aggedor, the sacred beast of Peladon. The Doctor suspects sabotage and sets out to investigate the mines.

Writer’s Notes: Barnaby Edwards

I think my very first memory of Doctor Who was Jon Pertwee and Elisabeth Sladen being thrown into a pit and facing Aggedor. That would have been 1974's The Monster of Peladon.

So powerful was this first encounter, that it shaped my default vision of Doctor Who: defensive citizens of a distant planet who learn to trust The Doctor, bizarre aliens who aren't initially what they seem, stone corridors with flaming torches and a monster in the basement.

Years later I saw the prequel The Curse of Peladon and added the Agatha Christie whodunit to my list of essentials for a classic Doctor Who story.

So when I came to write The Bride of Peladon, I attempted to revive my four-year-old self and write the sort of Peladon story that would have excited him.


Who's Who?

The Fifth Doctor

First television appearance: "Castrovalva"
First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "Land of the Dead"

 He has been exploring the universe for hundreds of years. He fights injustice. He defeats evil. He helps people. In his fifth incarnation, The Doctor is more restrained in temper, calmer in attitude and visually younger in appearance than he used to be. He looks for the best in people and tries never to deliberately offend or cause trouble. Some may underestimate him because of his comparatively youthful nature. But those enemies who do, do so at their own risk...

Peri Brown

First television appearance: "Planet of Fire"
First chronological Big Finish audio appearance: "Red Dawn"

 Perpugilliam Brown has been travelling with The Doctor for a while now. Their relationship can be fractious - but is generally lighthearted and friendly. A keen botanist, resourceful and compassionate, Peri also has an edgy side; a wry sense of humour that can infuriate her travelling companion.


First Big Finish audio appearance: "The Eye of the Scorpion"

 Upon the death of her father, Erimemushinseperem - Erimem for short - became Pharaoh of Ancient Egypt. During an attempt on her life she met The Doctor and Peri, who were instrumental in saving her. Before her coronation, the officials decided upon a different, male, Pharaoh - a decision that did not completely disappoint Erimem, who then joined The Doctor and Peri on their travels.


Full Cast List:

The Doctor Peter Davison
Peri Nicola Bryant
Erimem Caroline Morris
Beldonia Phylilda Law
Voice Jenny Agutter
Pelleas Christian Coulson
Pandora Yasmin Bannerman
Zixlyr Nicholas Briggs
Alpha Centauri Jane Goddard
Frankis Richard Earl
Foreman Philip Childs
Miner Thomas Brodie-Sangster
Arktos/Nardo Nicholas Briggs
Alyxlyr/Computer Jane Goddard
Grok/Croaky Voice Richard Earl
Herald Philip Childs
Young Miner Barnaby Edwards

The Production Team:

Writer Barnaby Edwards
Director Barnaby Edwards
Sound/Music Andy Hardwick
Theme Music Peter Howell
Script Editor Alan Barnes
Producer David Richardson
Executive Producers Nicholas Briggs and Jason Haigh-Ellery
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